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Dynamic Range Meter - foobar2000 Component

Dynamic Range Meter is a foobar2000 component designed to give the same information as the
Dynamic Range Offline Meter. This component can process all audio formats foobar2000 can
handle (a.o. flac, ape and wavpack) and also supports higher samplerates and bitdepth.
Using the Open Audio CD option it can also directly read audio CDs and calculate the Dynamic
Range values without the need of ripping the CD to disk. Log information with extended statistics
is automatically copied to the clipboard and can be pasted back in any text editor.

What is foobar2000?
foobar2000 is a free media player with compatibility to almost all relevant audio formats. Please
visit the foobar2000 website in order to download the latest update of the player.

Please be aware that DR Values may vary for the same song in different formats. This is caused
by the algorithms applied in audio compression formats. The DR Value of the same songs with
different sample frequency may vary very slightly too. This is caused by the interleaved sample
over behavior. When you convert a 88.2 kHz file into a 44.1 kHz file usually the peaks will be
higher afterwards.

For OFFICIAL USE of the DR Values please measure ALWAYS the DESTINATION format which will
be released. If you release a CD, please measure the 16 bit / 44.1 kHz PCM file. If you want to
label the mp3 release of the same record please measure the mp3 versions.

Start foobar2000 and select the following menu options: Library -> Configure. Click on Components 
in the tree and then on the Install button. Select the file with the file
selector. Click on the Ok button and finally on the Restart button.

After installation an extra option Dynamic Range Meter will be available in the context menu of a
foobar2000 playlist. If you want to run the Dynamic Range Meter you will first have to create a
playlist with the audio files you wish to process. If you want to scan an audio CD, select 
File -> Open Audio CD from the foobar2000. This will create a playlist with all the tracks from the CD.
Select the track(s) you wish to scan and right-click with the mouse to bring up the context menu.
Selecting Dynamic Range Meter from this menu will start processing and display the results.
The results will also be copied to the clipboard suitable for pasting in any text editor.

Note that if you have selected multiple tracks the DR value will be computed differently depending
on the maximum peak difference of the tracks. If the maximum peak difference between tracks is
less than 0.3 dB then the DR value is computed with all tracks processed as a single file (Album Mode).
Otherwise the DR value is computed as the rounded value of the average of all single tracks (Song Mode).

Screenshot and sample clipboard output


Analyzed: John Waite / Rough & Tumble

DR         Peak         RMS     Duration Track
DR8       -0.10 dB    -8.81 dB  4:22     01-Rough & Tumble
DR8       -0.10 dB    -8.93 dB  4:03     02-Shadows Of Love
DR7       -0.10 dB    -8.82 dB  4:02     03-Evil
DR7       -0.10 dB    -9.20 dB  3:55     04-If You Ever Get Lonely
DR7       -0.10 dB    -8.88 dB  4:09     05-Skyward
DR6       -0.10 dB    -7.22 dB  3:49     06-Sweet Rhode Island Red
DR7       -0.10 dB    -8.68 dB  4:46     07-Love's Goin' Out Of Style
DR6       -0.10 dB    -7.58 dB  3:52     08-Better Off Gone
DR7       -0.10 dB    -8.50 dB  4:47     09-Further The Sky
DR6       -0.10 dB    -7.46 dB  4:37     10-Peace Of Mind
DR5       -0.10 dB    -6.09 dB  4:22     11-Mr. Wonderful
DR7       -0.10 dB   -10.12 dB  3:21     12-Hanging Tree

Number of tracks: 12
Maximum peak difference (-0.10 dB - -0.10 dB): 0.00 dB
Album Totals:

                 Left              Right

Peak Value:     -0.10 dB   ---     -0.10 dB
Avg RMS:        -8.22 dB   ---     -8.13 dB
DR channel:      6.29 dB   ---      5.97 dB

Official DR value (Album Mode): 6

This version has an expiration date set to 31 August 2011. Around this date an update is planned
for the Dynamic Range Meters and this foobar2000 component.
These releases will have an updated algorithm for the DR metering.
The latest information and updates will be available from this website.

This plug-in is a contribution of S. Jokhan from Netherlands. Thank you! Great Job!

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