Active Membership is launched (25 June 2009)

The Pleasurize Music Foundation invites music listeners, artists, and music enterprises of all areas of our industry to become Active Members in order to create a basis for vibrant and natural sounding music.

Active Members enjoy the following advantages through a password protected member area (up from 1 July 09):

·         Free access to software updates (TT Dynamic Range Meter plug-in and TT DR Offline Meter)
·         Free access and license free use of the DR logo for the CD booklets and online shops
·         Free access to upcoming DR release database, along with an opportunity to be listed
·         Free access to the PMF knowledgebase covering related topics & PhD research collections
·         Active Member newsletter with background information
·         Listing as an Active Member on the website table

Use of our Active Member web banner to spread the word of our campaign on your website!

Read more here: menu Active Member



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