Dear Friends of Good Sound!

The Pleasurize Music Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a single purpose: good sound for all music lovers and a valorization of music to revitalize the entire "food chain" of the music industry from composer to record company.

We can only accomplish this together!

To give you an idea of the work we are doing, here are a few of the activities we are involved with:

  • concept development
  • worldwide establishment of the DR logo
  • project presentation (text, images, videos)
  • development of free software (TT DYNAMIC RANGE METERING)
  • software beta-testing
  • internet site
  • graphic design
  • translation (many other languages are being planned)
  • legal advice
  • research
  • global PR
  • advertisements about the DR standard in appropriate cultural publications
  • work with record companies to convince them of the value of a standard
  • request processing
  • support from the pro audio industry for implementation of the TT DR METER

Before the Foundation's launch on January 15, 2009 a significant six-figure dollar investment was already carried out as part of the preliminary work.

For a successful adaption of the DR loudness standard, other resources are needed for staffing and work in the areas listed above.

Pleasurize YOUR Music! Donate!

Be a Sponsor with as little as 20€/$20. Please use the PayPal account:


or send a check to:
Pleasurize Music Foundation (i. G.)
c/o TP America Incorporation
2400 Chanticleer Ave. Suite D2
Santa Cruz CA 95062 USA

Bank transfer within Europe:

"Pleasurize Music"
Account number: 818240

BLZ: 23052750

Kreissparkasse Herzogtum Lauenburg

IBAN: DE41 2305 2750 0000 8182 40


For donations of 50€/$50 and above we will send you a receipt (please provide name and address of donor) and you will be listed as an active member on the "Sign-Up List."

After recognition of the Foundation from US authorities (this generally takes about six months), you will receive a donation receipt.

The recording industry has a particularly strong responsibility here!

Each record company which donates will be listed as an Active Member on the site (in the "Sing-Up" area). In addition, on the left menu bar, a list containing linked logos (160 x 40 pixels) will be given in alphabetical order. Because of the length of the list, the Logos will eventually be available under alphabet-letter pulldown menus.

The establishment of a DR standard will only be possible through hand-in-hand teamwork between the recording industry and the Pleasurize Music Foundation.

For determining what your voluntary donation will be, please consider the efforts needed for financing a worldwide image campaign for music or for communicating the idea of a loudness standard to hundreds of millions of music listeners.

The Pleasurize Music Foundation thanks you for your support!

We will regularly report on the how the financial resources are put to use.

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