TT Dynamic Range Meter Plugin for all platforms available!

We are happy to announce that the TT Dynamic Range Meter Plugin is available for all relevant platforms now. The release of the TT DR Offline Meter for the official DR Value measurement (offline software) will take some more time. We count on a release in June 2009.

Please read our Newsletter (Press menu)

Version 1.4a is online. Minor bug fixes


- Support of wav-files containing additional data (e.g., marker) added
- Installation folder opened upon successful installation

The last feature allows easy access to the DR-Meter folder (to move it
to the VST directory).

Version 1.3 online: 2 new features in TT DR Offline Meter!

The TT DR Offline Meter comes with two new features:
- Convenient measurement of complete folders
- Logfile with all relevant data
Please read the manual for more information.

User with no technical background find a quick manual on page 9 of the manual 1.3 how to learn to measure the official DR value of your favorite CD within minutes and without additional professional software.

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